Fold Down Washlines

Fold Down Washlines

Fold down washlines are ideal for townhouse complexes, small areas at home such as balconies and camping. We supply custom washlines that are manufactured from Stainless Steel. Our modern designs provide a neat and compact finish, which maximises space when folded down. Place your order for a quality fold down washlines today.

Fold Down Washlines - on boundary wall

Fold down washline on boundary wall

25 mm diameter x 1.6 mm wall thickness stainless steel frame. 4 mm stainless steel rods/lines and stainless steel tensioning nuts. 18 meter hanging space up to 3 meter long.

If the wall is high enough then the stainless steel cable system is recommended as the cable hook can be moved from line to line to adjust the angle.

If wall is not high enough a stainless steel leg is used for 1 setting only.

No wall mounting brackets and both fold away.

Fold Down WashlinesFold Down WashlinesFold Down WashlinesFold Down Washlines

Dickobird washlines are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use as the Stainless Steel structural components together with the stainless steel nuts and bolts and lines ensure a rust-free environment. Mounted against any surface, the free flowing side arms are sturdy to hold a distributed weight of up to 65kg.

Here are 6 reasons why you need Dickobird Folddown Waslines:

    • Neat – Modern designs that give you a compact finish
    • Durable – Rust free drying environment
    • Versatile – accommodate your space requirements
    • Stylish – aesthetically attractive look.
    • Strong – distributed weight of up to 65 kg
    • Effortless – Very user friendly and effortless to fold up and down.

Your Dickobird washline can be installed DIY or by a Dickobird Professional. Contact us today for more information regarding our washlines. We have the perfect space saving solution for you.

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